Please make a donation straight to Mind by visiting our just giving page here. Anything small or large helps.

We plan to do at least 70 things in the run up to the Fringe in August 2017 connected with the number 70. Some simple, some challenging. Here is a status page:

Anyone who wants to do something as well to raise money for Mind we will happily add your challenge to the list.

# Challenge Started Ended Link
1 Give the rescue chickens 70 Blueberries 30-Dec 30-Dec  Link
2 Eat 70 Brussells Sprouts 31-Dec 31-Dec  Link
3 Lose 70lbs 01-Jan 30-Jun  Link
4 No alcohol for 70 days 01-Jan 12-Mar  Link
5 70 minute New Years Day Walk 01-Jan 01-Jan  Link
6 Complete 70 Crosswords in a day 02-Jan 02-Jan  Link
7 Celebrate Rick Stein’s 70th Birthday 04-Jan 04-Jan  Link
8 Ping Pong – first to 70 07-Jan 07-Jan  Link
9 Celebrate what would have been David Bowie’s 70th Birthday 08-Jan 08-Jan  Link
10 Watermanboarding 15-Jan 15-Jan  Link
11 Walk to or from work 70 times in 2017 02-Jan 20-Jun  Link
12 Read 70 books in 2017 01-Jan 2-Aug  Link
13 Guilty as Sin 21-Jan 25-Jan  Link
14 Smooth as a Baby’s bottom… 27-Jan 08-Apr  Link
15 The Kinder Jug Challenge 29-Jan 6-Feb  Link
16 Run 70 miles in February 1-Feb 28-Feb  Link
17 Get a 70707 logo 27-Jan 2-Feb  Link
18 Exercise Bike 70 miles in February 2-Feb 21-Feb  Link
19 Which came first the chicken or the egg? 12-Feb 12-Feb Link
20 Flyer 70 comedians 10-Feb 6-Jul Link
21 Indoor Bowling 12-Feb 12-Feb Link
22 Baked Bean Challenge 12-Feb 12-Feb  Link
23 Runny Noses 19-Feb 19-Feb Link
24 Crackergate 25-Feb 26-Feb Link
25 Fitness goals for March 1-Mar 31-Mar Link
26 Dave’s reward for first two months efforts 4-Mar 4-Mar Link
27 Drink a 70cl bottle of wine in 70 seconds 12-Mar 12-Mar Link
28 Sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ 70 times 12-Mar ongoing Link
29 Swim 70 lengths 18-Mar  18-Mar Link
30 Quiz Piggy 24-Mar 24-Mar Link
31 Treasure Hunting Bonanza 26-Mar 26-Mar Link
32 Fitness Goals For April 1-Apr 30-Apr Link
33 Jacob will climb 70 trees 2-Apr ongoing Link
34 The Great Biscuit Taste Off January 10-Apr Link
35 Dave celebrates his 70th birthday 11-Apr 11-Apr Link
36 Dave breaks the 70 minute barrier 16-Jan 12-Apr Link
37 Dave does a 70707 triathlon 15-Apr 15-Apr Link
38 Speed Putting 17-Apr 17-Apr Link
39 Weirdos: Live From Stonehenge 25-Apr 25-Apr Link
40 Visit 70 St. Austell Brewery pubs in a weekend 29-Apr 1-May Link
41 Get 70 people to try veganism for a week 7-May ongoing Link
42 Blow Football 22-May 22-May Link
43 Dave Goes Vegan for 70 days 7-May 16-Jul Link
44 Dave – Fitness for May 1-May 31-May Link
45 Doctor Who Operation 3-Jun 3-Jun Link
46 Mini Table Football 4-Jun 4-Jun Link
47 True or False 8-Jun 8-Jun Link
48 Otter Hunting 10-Jun 11-Jun Link
49 Penalty Shootout 11-Jun 11-Jun Link
50 The Longest Day – Walk 70707 steps 24-Jun 24-Jun Link
51 Say hello to 70 strangers 24-Jun 24-Jun Link
52 I Spy 24-Jun 24-Jun Link
53 Basketball 4-Jul 4-Jul Link
54 Dress Down Friday 30-Jun 30-Jun Link
55 Paper Cup Challenge 6-Jul 6-Jul Link
56 The Magnificent 7 16-Jul 16-Jul Link
57 70 Minutes Burlesque Lesson 23-Jul 23-Jul Link
58 Devon Animal Save Challenge 23-Jul 23-Jul Link
59 Head Bands 25-Jul 25-Jul Link
60 Basket Cases 26-Jul 26-Jul Link
61 Ivybridge Does Edinburgh 29-Jul 29-Jul Link
62 Jacob’s 70 Minute Silence 1-Aug 1-Aug Link
63 Air Hockey 3-Aug 3-Aug Link
64 I Drew You A Cat 5-Jun 3-Aug Link
65 Hoop La 4-Aug 4-Aug Link
66 Yelverton Rock 5-Aug 5-Aug Link
67 I Smite Thee 5-Aug 5-Aug Link
68 Whitby Arcade Battle 9-Aug 9-Aug Link
69 The big Spank Strip 14-Aug 14-Aug Link
70 70707 the finale 14-Aug 20-Aug Link


Please make a donation straight to Mind by visiting our just giving page here. Anything small or large helps.

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